Help support our goal of improving the relationship between law enforcement and the community by providing educational programs and legal support regarding civil rights to members of our community in Evanston, Illinois. We are always looking for support regarding; legal guidance, translation services, FOIA research and execution, data analysis, complaint processing, political outreach and fundraising.

Looking for volunteers to assist with:

  • Anonymous Police Interaction Tip Line
    • Program lead
    • data entry / review
  • Police Report Archivist
    • Collecting data from blotters, committee reports, FOIAs
  • Communications Volunteers
    • Facebook/Instagram management
    • Website development
    • Infographic development
    • Video production
  • Fundraising proposal writers
    • Allow us to hire lawyers to work with suspected victims of civil rights abuses
    • Acquire office space to allow for victims to have safe and secure places to develop their complaint
    • Continue to hold monthly events for the community

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