Data on City of Evanston Police*

The ACLU of Illinois recently analyzed traffic stop data that was submitted to IDOT from all police departments in Illinois. In Evanston, Black drivers were 6.4x more likely to have a search requested compared to white drivers, despite being caught with contraband less often.

Evanston Police conducted 14,677 traffic stops involving black, Latinx, Asian, or white drivers in 2017, Of these stops:

Black Latinx Asian White
Population Count 12,920 7,621 6,845 45,505
Population Percentage 18% 10% 9% 62%
Stop Count 4,548 1,469 1,027 7,633
Stop Percentage 31% 10% 7% 52%

Explore more data about the Evanston PD here:

In Evanston, African Americans make up about 18% of the population, but account for 61% of arrests, 67% of contacts in the field, and 73% of pat downs. These statistics are evidence of inequality in Evanston. Supporting data from EPD.

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