Rooting Out Systemic Racism in Evanston

The Citizens’ Network of Protection is committed to rooting out systemic racism in Evanston. One system, or institution, where reforms have failed to adequately address this issue is policing.  The institution of policing in Evanston has not been an exception to the rule.

Chief Demitrous Cook's Improper Social Media Use

On Tuesday, February 18,  Citizens Network of Protection learned that Evanston Police Chief Demitrous Cook posted out-of-date Evanston Police booking photographs of living and deceased residents to the public page of his personal snapchat account.

Why Am I Committed to the Mission of the Citizens Network of Protection?

It was the fall of 2015 when I first met CNP co-founder and president, Betty Ester. She had contacted the Loyola University Chicago School of Law…

The Curfew Hurt

A Poem by Betty Ester

Why Am I Committed to the Mission of the Citizens Network of Protection?

There is police misconduct, ranging from harassment to the killing of people, in places all over the U.S. Evanston is no exception….

Our Trouble with Citizen Police Review Commission Ordinance 79-0-19

The Evanston City Council will vote on October 28th on ordinance to create the Citizen Police Review Commission. If this ordinance passes, it will mean that the systems of police accountability will be unchanged from the way things are today. It is lacking the power and scope of responsibilities necessary to provide meaning oversight, accountability, and transparency of the Evanston Police Department. This ordinance lacks community empowerment.